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4 ways to cheer up your partner

there are many ways to cheer up your partner

Every once in a while, life gets the better of us. When this happens to your partner, though, you might not know how to address the situation.

There are a number of things you can do to help them out of their funk – below, we’ll share a few ways to cheer up your partner that will have them smiling again in no time.

1) Buy them an unconventional bouquet of flowers

Sometimes, doing something off-beat is enough to rouse your special someone out of the doldrums. Getting them a bright arrangement of flowers can help get the job done, as the dazzling array of colors they offer will get their mind away from what was bothering them and onto how much you care about them.

From a mixed bouquet of flowers not often seen in flower shops, to rainbow roses that will dazzle your love, it will be a pleasant surprise that will allow them to mentally refocus on what is good about life.

2) Take them out to their favorite restaurant

There’s a reason why comfort foods are designated as such. Often, these treats will be found at a restaurant your partner loves, so dial them up, make a reservation, and forget about the outside world for an evening as you and your love indulge in some of the greatest pleasures in life.

Cast aside all worries about diet, workplaces, and politics, and just focus on enjoying each others company.

3) Give them a full body massage

Sometimes, a vigorous massage is all it takes to move someone out of a bad place. It doesn’t matter if you aren’t a registered massage therapist – just start working your partner’s muscles and adjust your technique according to their feedback.

Rubbing down skin and muscles induces your brain to release endorphins, a feel-good chemical which washes away aches, pains, and blue feelings.

So go ahead and don’t worry about feeling inadequate – even an amateurish performance (within reason, of course – don’t go trying certain Thai massage techniques, for example) will have your partner feeling better again in no time.

4) Tell them everything is going to be alright

Many of the issues that trouble us during the course of our day-to-day lives don’t really matter in the grand scheme of things.

When you are mired in a particularly bad mood, however, it can be tough to remember this. By simply reminding your love, ‘this too will pass’, it can help to put a tough day in perspective.

If necessary, talk it out and help them realize that even someone living a life they love will have a bad day sometimes.

If they are grappling with an ongoing problem such a job they hate, talking about it can help identify steps they can take to get out of their rut, like saving up money on the side while looking for a new job.

If nothing seems to help, though, seek help from a mental health specialist, as chronic depression can often be treated through professional therapy and medication.