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Top Restaurants to Visit in the American South

The South has some of the best eats in the country. You can get comfort foods, diverse plate arrangements, and family recipes that have survived many generations. You can’t help but want to visit these restaurants:

The Homeplace

Catawba, VA

The Homeplace is one of those magical restaurants that you imagine to litter the American South. It’s a family owned establishment in the middle of a farm. When you first pull up, you’ll wonder if you’re in the right place because The Homeplace is seriously just a house in the middle of a farm. It is only $18 dollars for an all you can eat experience that you’ll remember for the rest of your life. You’ll be seated at a table and then you’ll only have to stand again to leave. That’s right — they bring the food to you! Your table will fill up with plates of fried chicken, biscuits, green beans, casseroles and all sorts of fatty comfort foods that you’re only going to want more of. As soon as your plate is empty, they’ll bring more until you say stop. Wash it down with some of their house blend sweet tea and then prepare for a home cooked dessert. This place is seriously amazing.


Ashville, NC

Gourmet specialist John Fleer appears to have the golden touch. He can practically bring home credit for that last nibble of in vogue Benton’s bacon you had in Los Angeles or New Orleans or Brooklyn. He brought the Tennessee smokers’ porky merchandise out of the Appalachian foothills and onto, for all intents and purposes, each and every menu that includes bacon. What’s more, talking about those mountains, Fleer was the gourmet specialist at Blackberry Farm for a long time (he cleared out in 2007) and lifted the district’s natural Southern cooking of to be today’s go-to popular nourishment all through the nation. Rhubarb, opened in 2013, is the freshest expansion to Ashville’s heritage.

Franklin’s BBQ

Austin, TX

Of course Franklin’s is making this list. If you want amazing barbeque and you find yourself in Austin, one of America’s best cities, then Franklin’s is the only place you’ll want to go. Be prepared though — you could be waiting in line for 3 hours or longer to get a taste of Franklin’s famous brisket. This restaurant has been featured on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives and countless other shows, it’s reputation is legendary.

Dooky Chase

New Orleans, LA

Dooky Chase is another legendary place to eat in the south. This organization started life in 1941 as a bar; from that point forward, it’s facilitated social equality pioneers, celebrated artists, no less than two U.S. presidents, and countless favorite New Orleanians like Lil’ Wayne. Leah Chase assumed responsibility of the kitchen in 1946 subsequent to meeting and marrying Edgar “Dooky” Chase, Jr. The restaurant is known for its famous creole cooking.

These are just some of the restaurants you can find in the south that will beat your palate into submission. You’ll experience some of the best foods you can ever find and have a memory which lasts a lifetime. If you eat at one of these places, you’ll be telling the story for years to come.